In 2019/20 I am teaching the Software Engineering for Finance course and 6CCS3SAD/7CCSMDAS Software Architectures.

I also teach on the external Widening Participation in Informatics programme. In November 2019 we taught a course on Introduction to programming using Python


I have the following ongoing projects: I am the leader of the Agile MDE research team, consisting of myself, Dr Howard Haughton from HRS Ltd., an RA, Hessa Alfraihi, and four PhD students: We collaborate with the group of Shekoufeh Kolahdouz-Rahimi at the Department of Software Engineering Faculty of Computer Engineering University of Isfahan.

I am a member of the Software Systems research group in the Department of Informatics. My particular areas of interest are:

Project Funding

  1. Carnegie UK Carnegie Lab project: Software Engineering training for employment skills. 6700. April 2016-September 2017.
  2. Widening Participation in Informatics: Widening Participation project. 5900. September 2017-August 2018.
  3. Widening Participation in Informatics: Widening Participation project. 2250. September 2018-July 2019.
  4. MTNET Model Transformations Network project, a UK Network project
  5. Collaborate on ENGINE EU project, with Wroclaw University, Poland, in the area of requirements engineering.

Recent Books and Papers

Agile MBD using UML-RSDS

A survey of model transformation design patterns in practice

Model Transformation Design Patterns

A Framework for Model Transformation Verification

Patterns for Model Transformations (ICSEA 2011)

Slicing of UML Models (ICSOFT 2010, MODELS 2010)

Specification and Verification of Model Transformations (IFM 2010)

(Presented at ROOM 2, June 1998)

(Presented at ECOOP 98, Workshop 6)

Catalogue of model transformations


Current/Recent PhD Students

Hessa Alfraihi (Agile Model-Driven Development)

Sobhan Yassipour-Tehrani Requirements engineering for model transformations. Awarded 2018

Shekoufeh Kolahdouz-Rahimi (Model transformation specification): Awarded 2013

Kleopatra Chatziprimou (Optimisation of cloud computing environments): Awarded 2016

Shichao Fang (Model weaving)

Ravinder Singh-Zandu (MDD for business modelling): Awarded 2018

Previous Projects

Points of Esteem

I am an editor of the Software Systems Modelling journal (Springer).

I serve/have served on the programme committees of MODELS, VOLT, AMT, MODELSWARD and ICSEA.