2020 ASME Machine Design Award

--- the 58th recipient since 1958

Professor Dai is the 58th recipient since the Award was established in 1958 “for pioneering contributions in establishing the field of reconfigurable mechanisms and the subfield of metamorphic mechanisms; and for making a lasting impact through research, application, teaching and service that made it possible to bridge the gap between versatile but expensive robots and efficient but non-flexible machines."

—— cited from Award Recommendation


Website: ASME Machine Design Award

ASME Release: NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2021

2015 DED Mechanisms and Robotics Award

--- the 27th recipient since 1974

Professor Dai has made a lasting impact on reconfigurable mechanisms through his contributions to theoretical study, mechanism innovation, applications and societal services and by exploring the screw system relationship for revealing kinematics and constraint variation that affect mechanism reconfigurability and for establishing a way of mobility analysis.

—— cited from Award Recommendation


Wikipedia: DED Mechanisms and Robotics Award

Editorial: Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics