London Stringology Days/
London Algorithmic Workshop 2016

LSD & LAW 2016

February 4-5 2016

King's College London

LSD & LAW - London Stringology Days & London Algorithmic Workshop

The LSD & LAW meetings are organised annually (usually in February) by Algorithms and Bioinformatics research group at King's College London, and welcome researchers at all levels with interests in theoretical or applied aspect of discrete algorithms, including String Algorithms, Automata Theory, Combinatorics on Words, Bioinformatics, Graph and Network Algorithms and Computational Complexity. Research students are especially welcome. There is no registration fee, but please email the organisers in advance, if you plan to attend.

From Symbolic Dynamics to Approximation Methods

The 2016 meeting will have an additional theme From Symbolic Dynamics to Approximation Methods, partially sponsored by London Mathematical Society (LMS), to explore automatic combinatorial aspects in modelling approximation methods for work with uncertain data.


The programme includes invited talks and a number of shorter contributing talks.

Invited talks sponsored by The London Mathematical Society (LMS):

Sponsored by: Department of Informatics, King's College London
London Mathematical Society