Dr. Hana Chockler 

Senior Lecturer
Department of Informatics

King's College London

Email: Hana.Chockler at kcl.ac.uk

Office: S6.20 Tel: +44 20 7848 2928


My main research interests are in formal verification of hardware and software systems. I am especially interested in metrics for checking correctness and thoroughness of formal verification, and in explanation of the output of the formal verification tools. I am also interested in hybrid verification, which is combining formal methods and testing to improve scalability and thoroughness of the validation process.

Main research topics:

·  Formal verification: model-checking of hardware and software.

·  Coverage and vacuity in formal verification.

·  Causality, responsibility, and its relation to formal methods. New: the paper “The Computational Complexity of Structure-Based Causality” is accepted to JAIR, to appear in 2017.

·  Explanation of counterexamples.

·  The cross-entropy method for testing.


Software Modelling and Applied Logic Group



Coverage Metrics for Model Checking 

Hardware and Software: Verification and Testing: 4th HVC 2008 

by Hana Chockler and Alan J. Hu


Current and past research projects:

·  PINCETTE – Validating Changes and Upgrades in Networked Software, EU FP7 STREP Project (coordinator).


Other links:

Extra-Mural Year in Industry (5CCS2EMY)

Undergraduate and M.Sc. Projects in 2017-2018