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Gravity and General Relativity at KCL

Some of my more recent papers

Generalized Chern-Simons action principles for gravity

arXiv 1506.09090v1 [gr-qc] (2015)

Generalized forms and gravitation

arXiv 1312.0846v1 [gr-qc] (2013)

Generalized forms, vector fields and superspace

first version in: arXiv 1309.4607v1 [math-ph] (update 2013)

Investigation of a superspace approach to generalized forms and vector fields

Technical report (v1 2011, update 2013)

Addendum to Generalized forms, Chern-Simons and Einstein-Yang-Mills theory

Addendum to the article below (2010)

Generalized forms, Chern-Simons and Einstein-Yang-Mills theory

Classical & Quantum Gravity, 26, 075019 (14pp), (2009)

Four decades of black hole uniqueness theorems

In The Kerr Space-time: Rotating Black Holes in General Relativity, pp115-143

Editors: D.L. Wiltshire, M. Visser and S.M. Scott, (Cambridge University Press, 2009).

Generalized differential forms

Journal of Physics A: Math. Theor., 40, 8903-8922, (2007)

Generating Einstein-scalar solutions

Classical & Quantum Gravity, 23, 5455-5457, (2006)

Non-gravitating waves

General Relativity & Gravitation, 38, 153-157, (2006)

Generalized forms, connections and gauge theories

International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 42, 2971 - 2981, (2003).

Generalized forms and Einstein's equations

Journal of Mathematical Physics, 44, 2094-2110, (2003).

Geometry, null hypersurfaces and new variables

Revisiting the Foundations of Relativistic Physics. Festschrift in honour of John Stachel,

pp349-360. Editors: A. Ashtekar, R.Cohen, D. Howard, J. Renn, S. Sarkar and A. Shimony,

( Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003).

Generalized forms and their applications

Classical & Quantum Gravity, 19, 2425-2436, (2002),

co-author: Pawel Nurowski, Uniwersytet Warszawski.

Holomorphic 4-metrics and Lorentzian structures

General Relativity & Gravitation, 34, 1173-1191, (2002).

The real geometry of holomorphic 4-metrics

Journal of Mathematical Physics, 43, 4, 2015-2028, (2002).

Generalized exterior forms, geometry and space-time

Classical & Quantum Gravity, 18, L81-L86, (2001),

co-author: Pawel Nurowski, Uniwersytet Warszawski.