Linggusi pagoda

Mochou Lake Park

City Wall
Nanjing city wall

City Wall
`"Elephant Road" of the
Ming tomb

Nanjing's skyline
Nanjing's skyline

Science and Technology Museum
Science and Technology

ITP 2015 was held in Nanjing, China


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The 6th conference on Interactive Theorem Proving was held in Nanjing, China. The proceedings were published as usual in the LNCS Series. There was an Isabelle tutorial before the conference (21 - 23 August), and a Coq tutorial after the conference (27 - 29 August, see also here).


ITP Booklet, contains practical information about registration, travelling, restaurants, etc.

Important Dates

Submission of title and abstracts: 9 March 2015
Submission of full papers: 13 March 2015 20 March 2015 closed
Author notification: 15 May 2015
Camera-ready papers: 5 June 2015
Conference: 24-27 August 2015
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As is the tradition, the conference consisted of 4 days of research presentations and invited talks. Like in previous conferences, there was ample time between the formal sessions for attendees to mingle and converse. Half a day was dedicated to an excursion to Yangzhou and the Slender West Lake. The programme of talks can be found here.

Travel to Nanjing

Nanjing is a major city in China. There are international airline connections directly to Nanjing Lukou Airport and via transfer at airports in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and many others. There are also very convenient train connections from Shanghai and Beijing, which take slightly more than 1h from Shanghai and about 4h from Beijing. Travel within Nanjing can be done cheaply via taxi and public transport. Hopefully helpful tips for travelling in Nanjing and China can be found in the booklet.

Remember that travelling to China requires a visa; but it should be relatively easy to obtain one for participants. You will need a letter of invitation which Chunhan will send you (chunhanwu at 126 dot com). You need to provide him with your name, title, DOB, work address, e-mail and paper title (if you present a paper). See the booklet for details about the visa application.


The early rate of the registration fee will be 3300元 (ca. £350/$533/€488). The late rate starting from 1 August will be 3800元. The registration fee includes lunches during the conference. It also covers the excursion, the conference banquet and a welcome reception. The tutorials are separate. Their registration fee is 250元 for the Isabelle-tutorial and 200元 for the Coq-tutorial.

The registration fee needs to be transferred via a bank transfer; we cannot accept credit cards etc for the conference fee. The hotel and many other things can be paid by credit card, but not the conference fee. See the booklet for details about the bank transfer.

Local Information

Being in China, Nanjing offers the usual conveniences of good and affordable food. It has several excellent museums and tourist attractions. In the nearby vicinity are touristic hotspots like Yangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuxi and Suzhou. If you want to explore Nanjing yourself, the best tour is to go to the Purple Mountains passing by the Linggusi pagoda, the city wall and the Ming tombs (see pictures on the left). There is a wide selection of excellent restaurants around Nanjing's Confucius Temple.


The excursion went to Yangzhou (1h away from Nanjing by bus). We walked around the Slender West Lake with its pavilions, the white Lotus Flower Pagoda and the Suzhou-style gardens.
Yangzhou Yangzhou Yangzhou
Yangzhou, Slender West Lake

Programme Committee

Andrea Asperti University of Bologna, Italy
Jesper Bengtson IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Stefan Berghofer Secunet Security Networks AG, Germany
Yves Bertot INRIA, France
Lars Birkedal Aarhus University, Denmark
Sandrine Blazy University of Rennes, France
Bob Constable Cornell University, USA
Thierry Coquand University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Xinyu Feng University of Science and Technology, China
Ruben Gamboa University of Wyoming, USA
Herman Geuvers Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Mike Gordon Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Elsa Gunter University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
John Harrison Intel Corporation, USA
Hugo Herbelin INRIA, France
Matt Kaufmann University of Texas at Austin, USA
Gerwin Klein NICTA, Australia
César Muñoz NASA Langley Research Center, USA
Tobias Nipkow TU München, Germany
Michael Norrish NICTA, Australia
Scott Owens University of Kent, United Kingdom
Randy Pollack Harvard University, USA
Carsten Schürmann IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Konrad Slind Rockwell Collins, USA
Alwen Tiu Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Christian Urban (co-chair)  King's College London, United Kingdom
Dimitrios Vytiniotis Microsoft Research Cambridge, United Kingdom
Xingyuan Zhang (co-chair) PLA University of Science and Technology, China


We are grateful for the generous support received from the PLA University of Science and Technology in Nanjing.

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