Science in the Looking Glass

This book on the philosophy of science in now available from Oxford University Press .
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Its treatment is at the serious end of popular science.


By Brian Rotman on page 11 of the 25 June 2004 issue of the
Times Literary Supplement, by subscription.

By Roger Newton, in the 4 July 2004 issue of Physics Today, by subscription.

By Robert Cahn, on page 59 of the October 2004 issue of Materials Today.

Author's Commentary

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Chapter 1 Perception and language
Chapter 2 Theories of the mind
Chapter 3 Arithmetic
Chapter 4 How hard can problems get?
Chapter 5 Pure mathematics
Chapter 6 Mechanics and astronomy
Chapter 7 Probability and quantum theory
Chapter 8 Is evolution a theory?
Chapter 9 Against reductionism
Chapter 10 Some final thoughts

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viewable version of Chapter 1, with publisher's reviews