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Welcome to the research page of Argyris Politis

The aim of the Politis lab is to develop novel methods and tools to study the structural dynamics of macromolecular assemblies, important for their cellular function. Our group primarily focuses on membrane-resident proteins and in particular membrane transporters. We combine HDX-MS with native MS and advanced modelling to elucidate the mechanistic interplay between membrane transporters and their surrounding lipid environment.

Our research is funded by the Wellcome Trust, MRC, BBSRC and the Waters Corporation.


Selected publications
#Co-first authorship; *Co-corresponding authorship

Martens, C. Shekhar, M., Borysik, A. J., Lau, A. M., Reading, E., Tajkhorshid, E., Booth, P. J., Politis, A. (2018). Direct protein-lipid interactions shape the conformational landscape of secondary transporters. Nature Communications, 9, 4151, 9 (1).

#Corey, R. A., #Ahdash, Z., Shah, A., Pyle, E., Allen, W. J., Lovett, J. E., Politis, A.*, Collinson, I.* (2019). ATP-induced asymmetric pre-protein folding as a driver of protein translocation through the Sec machinery. eLife, DOI:10.7554/eLife.41803.

Pyle, E., Kalli, A. C., Amillis, S., Hall, Z., Lau, A. M., Hanyaloglu, A. C., Diallinas, G., Byrne, B., Politis, A. (2018). Structural lipids enable the formation of functional oligomers of the eukaryotic purine symporter UapA. Cell Chemical Biology, 25 (7): 840-8.

Ahdash, Z., Lau, A. M., Byrne, R. T., Lammens, K., Stüetzer, A., Urlaub, H., Booth, P. J., Reading, E., Hopfen, K-P., Politis, A. (2017). Mechanistic insight into the assembly of the HerA-NurA helices-nuclease DNA end resection complex. Nucleic Acids Research, 45 (20): 12025-38.

#Hansen, K., #Lau, A. M., Giles, K., McDonnell, J. M., Struwe, W. B., Sutton, B. J., Politis, A. (2018). A mass-spectrometry-based modelling workflow for accurate prediction of IgG antibody conformations in the gas phase. Angewandte Chemie, DOI: 10.1002/anie.201812018.

Politis, A., Stengel, F., Hall, Z., Hernández, H., Leitner, A., Waltzthoeni, T., Robinson, C. V., Aebersold, R. (2014). A mass spectrometry-based hybrid method for structural modelling of protein complexes. Nature Methods, 11 (4): 402-6.