Information for potential applicants for a PhD study

I am interested in taking PhD students from any country. For an informal enquiry, feel free to email me.

Funding: If you are thinking of applying for a PhD programme at King's College, the first question you need to address is funding. EPSRC studentships for PhD study are available for UK residents and EU citizens. King's College Graduate School Studentships are available to all nationalities. Both types of studentship cover tuition fees and provide an annual stipend for up to three years. Deadlines for these applications are usually sometime in late January. One has to bear in mind that both types of studentships are very competitive; if you are thinking of applying for one of them with a view to do a PhD with me, please contact me informally well in advance, ideally sometime in September-October. See College Graduate Funding pages for more information. Of course, you may have some funding available from your own sources or your country's government sources; this will greatly simplify the process.

Topics: A good idea about my research interests could be obtained by having a look at my list of publications and also by reading an informal description of my research interests. As of 2016, I am most actively working in the area of spectral theory of Hankel and Toeplitz operators.

Practicalities: You will probably spend a good part of your first semester doing some background reading using a relevant textbook. Before starting this you will need to have a good understanding of what is in first courses on functional analysis and operator theory. Sometime during your first year, you will be given a first simple problem to work on and this will gradually evolve into a serious research culminating in a PhD thesis. I normally see my graduate students every week or so to discuss their progress on an individual basis. Besides, we have weekly meetings of the Analysis group where you can informally discuss your research with other graduate students, postdocs and members of staff. As a graduate student, you will be encouraged to attend London Analysis Seminar and various conferences on relevant topics.

Alexander Pushnitski, updated January 2016.