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Alex Torzewski

About me

I am a research fellow in mathematics at KCL. I am in the number theory group and my interests include arithmetic geometry, motives and aspects of representation theory.
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My email has previously been listed incorrectly on the main KCL website as alexander.torzewski@kcl.ac.uk. Apologies for any missed communication!

Publications and preprints

  1. Pedro Lemos, Alex Torzewski  Bounds on the number of rational points of curves in families, 2022  (ArXiv)
  2. Alex Torzewski  Functoriality of motivic lifts of the canonical construction, Manuscripta Mathematica, 2019  (ArXiv, Journal)
  3. Alex Torzewski  Regulator constants of integral representations of finite groups,  Math. Proc. Camb. Phil. Soc., 2018 (ArXiv, Journal)

Assorted notes

Short calculations or mathematical expositions. These come in varying degrees of completion and come with a degree of warning as to their reliability.
  • An explication of Yakovlev's results in the \(C_{p^2}\) case, we use Yakovlev's results to recover the classification of \(\mathbb{Z}_p[C_{p^2}]\)-indecomposable lattices due to Heller-Reiner (pdf)

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