ACC (Ton) Coolen
Professor of Applied Mathematics

Institute for Mathematical and Molecular Biomedicine
Hodgkin Building, room HB 4.5N
Guy's Campus, London SE1 1UL

Department of Mathematics
Strand Bldg, room S5.26
Strand campus, London WC2R 2LS

Tel: +44 (0)20 7848 6145
Email: ton.coolen (followed by

Member of the Institute for Mathematical and Molecular Biomedicine (KCL)
Member of the Disordered Systems Group (mathematics, KCL)

Weekly term-time office hours term II (Strand campus): Fri 16:00-18:00


Mathematical bio-medicine and survival analysis, with applications to cancer research.
Statistical mechanics of disordered/heterogeneous many-particle systems.
Processes on complex networks and random graphs.


I am involved in the creation of a multidisciplinary research and teaching infrastructure at King's College London, to combine and exploit expertise at the interfaces between biology, medicine, physics, computer science and mathematics. See the websites of the Institute for Mathematical and Molecular Biomedicine and the Systems Biomedicine Graduate Programme. A brief nontechnical introduction to the role of mathematics in cancer research can be found here.

Research and review papers

There is a full list of my publications, and you can find PDFs of recently published papers (from 2000 onwards), either organized by year or by topic. In addition the following recent preprint(s) can be downloaded:


ACC Coolen
The Mathematical theory of minority games - statistical mechanics of interacting agents
(Oxford University Press, January 2005)
(click here for preface and detailed list of contents)

ACC Coolen, R Kuehn and P Sollich
Theory of neural information processing systems
(Oxford University Press, July 2005)
(click here for preface and detailed list of contents)

in preparation:

ACC Coolen, A Annibale and K Roberts
Generating random networks and graphs
(Oxford University Press, 2016)

ACC Coolen and L Holmberg
Principles of survival analysis
(Oxford University Press, 2017/18)

Recent research seminars

Collaborators and teaching

Doctoral collaborators

  • Aida Santa Olalla
    Cancer epidemiology
  • Mansoor Sheik
    Analytically integrable Bayesian methods for high-dimensional biomedical data
Former postgraduate collaborators:

Harm Jonker, Stephen Laughton, Charles Mace, Nikos Skantzos, Alexander Heimel, Hirak Chakravorty, Jon Hatchett, Theodore Nikoletopoulos, Bastian Wemmenhove, Nima Shayeghi, Sabrina Rabello, Alexander Mozeika, Panos Papadopoulos, Mark Rowley, Kate Roberts, James Barrett, Akram Shalabi

Postdoctoral collaborators

  • Katherine Lawler
    Analysis of gene expression data and integration with optical biomarker information
  • Mark Rowley
    Bayesian analysis of biomedical data, and their efficient computational implementations.
  • Alexander Mozeika
    Mathematical modelling of the immune system

Lecture notes

Other info

  • Member of the IOP (Institute of Physics)
  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society
  • Member of the LMS (London Mathematical Society)
  • Member of the EPSRC College
  • Member of the BBSRC Systems Biology Panel

Academic qualifications:

MSc (Theoretical Physics), Utrecht 1987
PhD (Theoretical Physics), Utrecht 1990

Previous academic appointments:

Postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Utrecht and Nijmegen, 1990-91
Postdoctoral fellow, Univ. of Oxford, 1991-95
Reader in mathematics, King's College London, 1995-2000

Non-scientific activities

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