Workshop, Tutorials and Competitions

DESI VII Workshop on Using Advanced Data Analysis in eDiscovery & Related Disciplines to Identify and Protect Sensitive Information in Large Collections

The DESI VII workshop will provide a platform for discussion of best practices and innovations in the use of advanced search technology, text classification, language processing, data organization, visualization and related techniques for the purposes of accessing and managing electronically stored information. One focus of the DESI VII workshop will be on emerging protocols and novel techniques for identifying and protecting sensitive information in large collections. The workshop will also welcome contributions on other topics that are within the workshop’s broader scope. We expect the refined focus on protecting sensitive content this year to be directly relevant to at least four application contexts: (i) eDiscovery in complex litigation, (ii) European Union (EU) privacy policies, (iii) audits and internal investigations, and (iv) public access to government records.

More information is available in the Call for papers.

Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment (COLIEE) 2017

The 4th Competition on Legal Information Extraction and Entailment (COLIEE-2017) is a competition derived from Japanese bar exams. There are two tasks in the competition. One is to extract articles from Japanese civil codes which contribute to solving a bar exam yes/no question; the second task is to check entailment of a question from given civil code article(s). We also provide various NLP tools' outputs for training data to help your information retrieval and textual entailment.

More information is available in the Call for participation.