Workshop schedule

Monday, June 12th

  • Tutorial: Introduction to AI and Law (half day, Morning)
  • 8th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and the Complexity of Legal Systems (AICOL) (full day)
  • DESI VII Workshop on Sensitive Data in eDiscovery & Related Disciplines (full day)
  • MWAIL (half day, afternoon)
  • Workshop on AI and Legal Practice (full day)
  • Doctoral Consortium (half day afternoon)
  • Competition on Legal Information Extraction/Entailment (COLIEE) (half day, afternoon)

Tuesday, June 13th — Thursday, June 15th

Main conference

Friday, June 16th

  • 17th Workshop on Computational Models of Natural Argument (CMNA)
  • Workshop on Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Law
  • Workshop on MIning and REasoning with Legal texts (MIREL)
  • Workshop on Evidence & Decision Making in the Law
  • 2nd Workshop on Automated Semantic Analysis of Information in Legal Texts